Saturday, October 01, 2011


Every single person around me have their as lively as dead friend. That's actually make me jealous. I ever had it on Kebumen. It's actually like a geng. hahahahaha :D junior high life, guys..

Me, Imam Al Rezki that always need someone to know me at all. That always gives me some reason why i don't really need to do that.  That accompany me when i'm feel lonely. 
Where I can find them? WHERE?

I love that geng when I was junior high. I love them so really really damn much. But we're in another planet now. they had their another as lively as dead friend in their school now. 
Well, see i'm just a weird man that need one thing to save. Friend. arrrgghhhhhh

I have choir's friend. I have paskib's friend. I have greta-classmate family. I haves OSIS friend. I have Efos friend. But, who I could trust to keep all secret? who I could choose to shared of ? who I could choose to accompany me when I was get up in the middle of the nigt because of nightmare?

Here it is who makes me jealous:
ganjar and shika.
 yoga, odik and kiki
 photographer's smanisda company
 luna and anna
 ayaa, qonita and auza

But I had one friend that always there when I need in every single condition. And I would never ever let them go forever after.
It's called Family.

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