Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Lonely Vacation

Happy Holiday!
Okay, I know it's too late to say it now but it still holiday, right?
This Holiday, Me and my family going to Jakarta as usual BUT it's gonna be DIFFERENT  than another vacation. Me and my little brothers and sister will going to Jakarta ALONE! without old-person or someone to trust to save our safety. Okay, I'm 17 already but it's just happen to me. I can't save three child safety :'(
What should I do ? I can't rejecting my parents plan.

 waiting for the plane in the gate.

 inside the plane :)

 after landing in Jakarta, first place we're going was Dufan :D

 waiting for Musikal Laskar Pelangi. You guys, SHOULD watch this! that's totally awsome:)
 surprice carnaval from Dufan at 4.00 pm

 Histeria! x_x believe it or not, in the up, I felt like I'm going to fly. Even my ass can't touch the chair
There many days more I spent in Jakarta.
Just wait for it, guys :)
Once more Happy holiday!

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